Tiny Crossbows and Thrift Shop Gold

Nocked and Loaded

After discovering this YouTube video by Grant Thompson aka “The King of Random,” my wife and I decided to build these tiny crossbows together. They are built from popsicle sticks and hair clips, and fire cotton swabs and match sticks as ammo.

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Attention: Fall Price Drop

All blasters in my shop are now being offered at 20% off their original prices. If you like my work, please take a look at the one of a kind pieces that I have for sale. As always, if you don’t see what you want in the shop, I would be happy to make something custom for you.

To visit my shop, click here. (Link fixed!)

To commission a custom piece, email me at remedyarms@gmail.com

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Removing the air restrictor in a Nerf blaster is one of the most basic standard modifications. It requires minimal tools and materials, takes little time, and, with the notable exception of blasters with “Smart AR” systems, can be done on most Nerf blasters. The basic concept, behind an air restrictor removal, is that it allows air to flow more freely from the plunger tube into the barrel. The faster the air is allowed to flow, the more efficiently it transfers energy to the dart.

I have performed a few AR removals over the years, and have seen some minor performance improvement from them. However, my general thoughts have been that, unless one is planning to do a spring upgrade as well, an AR removal and the few feet it might gain you is hardly worth the effort. In fact, the removal of an air restrictor from a stock blaster can create dead space between the plunger and barrel. That said, I often remove the air restictor of a blaster in the process of installing a new barrel. That’s sort of how this project started.

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The Spoils of Love

Aside from being Labor Day in the U.S., Monday was also our wedding anniversary. Tuesday was my Birthday. Why am I telling you this? Well, ordinarily, I like to keep my private life relatively… well, private. However, the gifts that my wife got for me are just too cool not to share. So here they are.

Gift #1


It’s a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver screwdriver! Lights, sound, and interchangeable bits. Best of all, I think this one does work on wood.

Gift #2


A Clue Elimination game set by Hasbro. I don’t think they make these sets anymore. I don’t remember ever seeing one in a store. It’s essentially a set of four unique Nerf Jolt variants. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep them stock or paint them.


They come with customizable mission cards and sonic darts with colour coded tips.

Gift #3


This one she made for me using pictures she had taken of some of my Nerf stuff. It’s geeky, creative, and romantic all at the same time. I won’t subject you all to a deep description of my feelings, but suffice it to say, I love my wife!

Retaliator/Recon Trigger Modification

Retaliator Install


Here is a simple mod to make the trigger of your Recon or Retaliator more efficient. But first, a little background information:

From its introduction the Nerf N-Strike Recon has been one of my favorite blaster designs. Now, before you laugh, keep in mind that when the Recon was released, it was only the second clip system blaster to be unveiled. I had been dreaming of a magazine fed Nerf pistol since middle school. No, it didn’t have the performance or mod potential of the Longshot, but the Alpha Trooper was years away, and the Recon looked like a Bolt Pistol from Warhammer 40k!

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