A Good Blaster at Your Side: Modifying the Nerf Han Solo Blaster


If you have already seen my imgur post on the Nerf sub-reddit, then most of this will be review. That said, I will be going over the mods I’ve done, so far, on my Han Solo blaster, as well as my opinion of the blaster, and my future plans for it.

IMG_2164 Straight out of the box, the performance was a bit disappointing. So it wasn’t long before the screwdriver came out. Here are the guts. Those locks need to go.


This is the stock main spring. It is the single weirdest spring I’ve ever seen in a Nerf blaster.


The grip scales are removable.


As you can see, the grip frame is pretty thin. In fact, many parts of this blaster feel thin or cheap compared to what I’m used to seeing from Hasbro. The design is solid from an engineering perspective, but it appears that they were trying to cut corners and minimize material costs.


This lock is solvent welded to the shell. I used some boiling water to loosen it.


Worked like a charm.


I used more boiling water to separate the barrel halves.



Here is the break-down of the air restrictor. It also feels flimsy and cheap.


I cut a 1 5/8 inch length of 17/32 brass.


I then press fit the brass into the barrel. No glue needed. (Note: In the photo the brass is only half way in. When fully installed it sits flush with the bottom of the cut-out.)

This brass insert makes for an excellent dart fit.


I Demeled out the rear of the barrel for better air flow. Then I re-greased the barrel o-ring with silicon grease.


Here is what it looks like re-assembled. I replaced the main spring with a stock Retaliator spring. I tried a 5kg OMW spring first, but the catch wouldn’t hold it.

This blaster shoots much better now. It will never be the most practical Nerf side arm, but with the power upgrade it will out perform most stock Elite blasters.

This is as far as I’ve gone with this blaster so far, but I don’t intend to stop here. I have plans to expand on ammo capacity, and I have some cosmetic mod ideas as well.

As to my opinion of the blaster, it’s a mixed bag. At $20 US it’s a bit expensive for its out of the box performance. On the other hand, it’s one of the best looking movie tie-in blasters that Hasbro has produced. It isn’t exactly screen accurate, but it’s pretty good for a toy. The build quality seems a bit sub-par for a Nerf product, but it has good modification potential. If you are a Star Wars fan that isn’t afraid of a little modding, or a Han Solo cosplayer on a budget, this may be the blaster for you.

Thanks for reading.



2 responses to “A Good Blaster at Your Side: Modifying the Nerf Han Solo Blaster

  1. You said you just dropped a retal spring in there? I tried doing that myself and I’m having a problem with my spring catch. Maybe I have to adjust it a bit

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