A Little Brass Goes a Long Way: An Alpha Trooper Mod


It’s been a while since I posted a Nerf mod project, so here is one I did on a whim.

A friend of mine snagged this original N-Strike Alpha Trooper for me at a flea market.


My original plan for this blaster was simply to remove the locks and the air restrictor, throw in an OMW 5kg spring, and call it good.


However, in the process of drilling out the air restrictor, the entire barrel assembly came apart at the seams. That got me thinking. A bit of 17/32 brass nested in the stock breach might be worth trying.


After carefully reaming out the breach with my Dremel, I installed a short length of brass, then glued everything back together with two part epoxy.


Here you can just see the brass section in the barrel. While not a true brass breech, this mod allows for excellent dart fit, and makes the most of the upgraded spring.


I padded the plunger tube with 6mm craft foam to mitigate some of the wear and tear.


N-Strike reverse plunger style blasters get a lot of crap in the NIC. It’s true that a direct plunger system will almost always be more efficient. However, a properly modified N-Strike blaster can still give Elite blasters a run for their money. This Alpha Trooper puts my stock Elite Rampage to shame!


Thanks for reading.


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