Review: Blastersmiths UK Big Bag O’ Blasters (aka Big B.O.B.)

If you have ever seen The Mummy, then you probably remember the scene where Rick O’Connell, played by Brendan Fraser, pulls out his roll of weaponry. If you are anything like me, the first thought that occurred to you was, something to the effect of, “I want one of those.” For this reason, I was compelled to purchase the Big Bag O’ Blasters (or Big B.O.B.) from Blastersmiths UK (BSUK). BSUK is a company, based in the United Kingdom, that offers bespoke Nerf tactical gear as well as upgrade kits and parts for certain Nerf blasters.


The Big B.O.B. is a unique modular blaster carriage solution. It allows for the storage and transport of a small arsenal of blasters. The layout is customizible using the adjustable blaster retention straps (6 included, I bought a few extra). The outer shell is durable cordura, while the inner lining is a smooth quilted nylon fabric. The whole thing is padded to protect your blasters in transit.


The top edge of the B.O.B. is fitted with a pair of D-rings allowing it to be hung on a wall for storage/display purposes.


The D-rings, like the rest of the B.O.B. are securely stitched in place.


Here it is all wrapped up. With the included cinch straps fed through the guide loops it makes for quite the tidy package. However, on my B.O.B., the straps are situated a bit too close to the ends when compared to the prototype pictures. This means that the straps can slip off and the B.O.B. can unroll if you are not careful. I may remove and re-sew the guide loops myself at a future point, but that is the only issue that I have with the product itself. The MOLLE/PALS webbing on the outside of the B.O.B. allows for pouches and accessories to be attached.

BOB Carry Strap

The B.O.B. comes with a padded carry strap.


The carry strap is adjustable, and loops through the same guide loops as the securing straps.


It makes for a comfortable way to carry the B.O.B., either by hand or slung on a shoulder.

BOB Accessory Bag 1

The B.O.B. also comes with a large zippered accessory pouch to store the straps in. It has MOLLE/PALS webbing on both sides.

BOB Accessory Bag 2

The pouch is quite roomy,

BOB Accessory Bag 3

and works well for carrying magazines or darts.

BOB Molle Bars 1

The B.O.B. also came with a set of 3D printed MOLLE retention bars for securing the accessory pouch to the B.O.B. However, unlike the Narrowbase LLC. MOLLE bars, these feel a bit loose and even fragile.

BOB Molle Bars 3

The print quality is inconsistent. The above bar looks great, but…

BOB Molle Bars 2

this one has noticeable flaws throughout.

This product is not for the casual Nerfer. As a made-to-order product, it comes with a made-to-order price tag, and if you live in the US, like I do, expect to pay a bit more for shipping. I believe that I paid somewhere around $150US for the B.O.B. extra straps, and shipping. That said, this is a product that you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the guide loop placement and 3D print inconsistencies, this is an excellent product. It sure makes an impression whenever I roll it out at a convention or Nerf event.

BSUK’s craftsmanship is excellent, and their customer service is top notch. All they are lacking is a higher resolution 3D printer.

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Review: Blastersmiths UK Big Bag O’ Blasters (aka Big B.O.B.)

  1. hya there im new to the nerf world im looking for a bag like this but I emailed blastersmiths uk and they have said they’ve discontinued that product do you know any other company that would have something similar


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