Custom Nerf Vortex Proton Holster

Here’s another old project that I have neglected to post until now.

Proton Holster 2

I was commissioned to create a custom tactical holster for the Nerf Proton. The commissioner liked the previous iterations of my universal Nerf tactical holster, but wanted his to be a horizontal small-of-the-back rig. He also requested the inclusion of a custom logo, which I did my best to faithfully reproduce.

Proton Holster 1

Similarly to my previous tactical holsters, this one is built from heat formed ABS plastic, and retains the blaster using a standard Nerf accessory rail attachment.

Proton Holster 3

The holster is comfortable and out of the way. The placement of the holster, and the direction of the rail on the Proton, make drawing and re-holstering the blaster a bit tricky, but it’s nothing that a bit of practice can’t overcome.

It was an interesting project, and the commissioner seems to be happy with it. Thanks for reading.


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