Custom Modified Strongarm and eBay Store Launch

Strongarm Right

I had one last Orange Mod Works 7kg spring, and I decided to install it in this Strongarm. I chose to leave the air restrictor in place, as it is an important part of the mechanism that seals the plunger tube to the cylinder upon firing. Besides, modern Elite style air restrictors are reasonably efficient. Dart velocities seem significantly higher than stock, and slam-fire is working well. This blaster would be a great secondary for super-stock Nerf or Humans vs Zombies.

Strongarm Left

As for the paint, I started with a charcoal gray vinyl dye base coat. I added hand painted black and green detailing. I tried out a Rust-Oleum satin clear enamel. It seems to be a bit more durable than the clear acrylic spray that I usually use, but I think I prefer flat clear coats to satin. That said, I am quite happy with how the green turned out. The orange pieces were left unpainted for safety purposes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be listing my remaining inventory on eBay. This Strongarm is one of three blasters that are currently for sale. Check out the eBay listing here.

Please take a look at my other blaster listings as well.

Custom Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

Custom N-Strike Alpha Trooper

I will be listing more blasters in the coming weeks. All blasters will be listed as auctions with a base price of $5-$10.

Thank you for reading.


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