Review: Nerf Elite Mega Cycloneshock


I hope everyone had a happy Christmas. I chose to take the past week off from the blog to enjoy time with family.

That said, I’m back this week with two reviews of recently released blasters. Today’s post will focus on the new Nerf Elite Mega Cycloneshock, a big blaster with a long name.

As I do not have access to a chronograph, I will leave such things to the bloggers who have come before me. (If you want chrono numbers for this blaster, Rob over at Southern Brisbane Nerf Club has a great post here.) Instead, I humbly offer my own observations and opinions.

Box Front Box Back

Here it is in the packaging. I found mine at my local Toys ‘R’ Us, after finding a tip on Blaster Labs.

vs Maverick vs Strongarm vs Hammershot

Size comparison with other Nerf revolvers. Yes, it is big.

vs Magnus

Size comparison with Mega Magnus. Yes, it is that big.

I must confess my biases. First, I love revolver blasters. The Maverick, the Strongarm, and especially the Hammershot hold a special place in my heart. Second, I love the idea of Nerf Mega. Notice that I said that I love the “idea” of it. I, like many nerfers, was less than impressed by the Centurion, but I feel like the Magnus has more than made up for it. As soon as I heard of the Mega line, I was hoping that Hasbro would make a revolver, and now they have…

…And it’s impressive. There is nothing small about the Cycloneshock. The ammo is big, the blaster is big, and the grip is adult sized.

Out of the box, the Cycloneshock has a near flawless air seal. When I dry fired the blaster, the plunger seal was so good that I had to depress the air restrictor to release the air. Subsequently, it slings Megas like a champ. With the ammo capacity of a centurion and the performance of a Magnus, this is the best Mega blaster to date.

The only complaints that I have about this blaster are purely subjective. Aesthetically, I don’t care much for the hand guard. The grip and trigger could be a bit more comfortable. Other than that, it’s all good stuff.

Given my biases and the above observations, one might think that the Cycloneshock, despite its preposterous name, would be my ideal blaster. Well, in some ways it is, and in some ways it isn’t. Allow me to break it down.



Fires BIG darts!

Has twice the ammo capacity of a Magnus.

Excellent plunger seal.

Performance is on par, if not better than a Magnus.

Good mod potential.


Bulky/heavy for a handgun style blaster.

Only fires Megas.

Low ammo capacity when compared to any Elite clip system blaster.

Slow to reload

In conclusion, I love this blaster for what it is, a hand cannon. It has excellent potential as a prop blaster. For backyard, apartment, or office battles this would be a great choice. Its easy to use, fun to play with, and intimidating. However, the Cycloneshock is not ideal for competitive Nerf (i.e. Stock Class Wars, Humans vs Zombies, etc.). Its ammo capacity and rate-of-fire are too low to be a good primary, and its bulk, weight, and use of Mega darts make it impractical as a secondary. I would put it in the same category as the Zombie Strike Slingfire. It’s not a practical war blaster, but it’s a metric ton of fun to play with.

I’ll have another review up on New Years Day. Thanks for reading.


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