Tiny Crossbows and Thrift Shop Gold

Nocked and Loaded

After discovering this YouTube video by Grant Thompson aka “The King of Random,” my wife and I decided to build these tiny crossbows together. They are built from popsicle sticks and hair clips, and fire cotton swabs and match sticks as ammo.

This project was originally created by Sonic Dad, and was shared with permission by “King of Random” on his YouTube channel. Out of respect to both, I will not be doing a full write up of this build, but will be sharing photos of the finished project.

If you would like to learn how to make your own tiny crossbow, King of Random is offering the plans for free on his site, here.

Red and Yellow

Since I had the hot glue gun already, the materials for this project only cost us about $5-$6. We made two, but we have enough material left over for a few more.

Yellow Detail 1

This is my wife’s finished crossbow. She loves yellow, and I think it goes well with the black. If you look closely, you can see the extra pieces of popsicle stick that we used for bracing right behind the bow arms. This was the one modification that we added to the design.

Yellow Detail 2

We used “King of Random’s” idea for a bolt retention piece,

Yellow Detail 3

as well as his idea to re-enforce the bow arms with string.

Red Detail 1

Here is the crossbow that I built. I used silver hair clips and used a silver paint pen to add some detail on the side. I wasn’t intending to draw little mustaches on the side, but it kind of ended up looking that way.

Red Detail 2

I chose a dark burgundy for the wrap and string.

Red with Ammo

Here it is with a box of ammo.

Crossbow Comparison

For a better sense of how small these things are, here is a comparison shot of them next to my crossbow pistol, and my Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow.

These little guys turned out well. They easily launch cotton swabs 20 or so feet. Match sticks go a good bit farther. Check out the YouTube video that I linked at the beginning for some fun alternative ammo ideas.

Thrift Store Haul

As an added bonus, I found these at a local thrift store while my wife and I were looking for Halloween costumes. A buck each isn’t bad for three more blasters to build props out of. I already have a plan for the Buzz Bee Double Shot.


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