Simple Sledgefire Stock Mod

Last week was quite busy. This week, I’m sick. Rest assured, I am working on several projects. I just haven’t finished much lately. So, in the mean time, I humbly offer a simple Nerf Mod. The Detachable Sledgefire Stock.

Stock Detached

I realize that I am not the first to modify the Sledgefire’s stock to be detachable, but I haven’t seen anyone post on how they did it. This is how I did it, and how you can avoid the mistake that I made.


Say what you will about the practicality of the Zombie Strike Sledgefire, it’s still a fun blaster to play with. Due to its design, the stock can easily be removed by unscrewing the shell. However, this is one of the most comfortable stocks that Nerf has put on a blaster. I wanted the option of a “sawed off,” but I wanted to preserve the functionality of the stock.

Connection Detail 1

Essentially, all that I had to do was remove the plastic where it slots into the shell. For this task, I used my Dremel.

Connection Detail 2

As you can see in the above picture, I ground it flat on both sides. This allows the stock to slide in and out of the socket with a little bit of effort.

The friction fit is pretty decent. I would have to shake the blaster pretty hard to dislodge the stock. That said, I wish I had gone a bit slower with the material removal. I might have been able to achieve a tighter, more secure fit.

I hope this helps someone. See you next week.


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