The Marauder: A Work in Progress

I’ll admit it, I bought a Nerf Raider just for the drum magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the Slam-fire feature, but I really just wanted more ammo capacity for my Recon. This left me with the problem of what to do with an under-used Raider.

One afternoon, as I was watching the first Iron Man movie for the third or fourth time, I was struck with an idea. The arm mounted flame thrower on the Mark I inspired my most ambitious mod to date. I call it the Marauder.



I gutted the raider, and sawed off the barrel. I removed the pump action, and reworked it into a bolt action. Then I cut off the grip, and glued the trigger back so that it would always be in Slam-fire mode. Once I was sure that it was working properly, I used two kinds of epoxy to attach the blaster to an armor plate that I had fashioned from a length of 4 inch diameter PVC pipe.

It still needs permanent straps and a finished paint job, but it is fully operational, arm mounted Slam-fire goodness.

I’ll post more pics when I get around to finishing it.


3 responses to “The Marauder: A Work in Progress

  1. This piece is currently unfinished, and thus not for sale. However, if there is enough interest, then I may open an Etsy store in the near future. I might even take commissions on a case by case basis, but that would be in October at the earliest.

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